Setting the table…

Or in other words, introducing ourselves and our blog. We are Elise and Alice. As you will see from the About section, we are friends, food lovers, cooks and inhabitants of vicarages. Elise is married to a priest, Daniel, and Alice is a priest. We both live in the diocese of London; Elise in Winchmore Hill and Alice in Finsbury Park. On a pretty much daily basis we send messages updating each other on what we are eating, what new ingredient we have bought, what we are cooking for dinner and asking for advice. We talk about food and cooking so much we thought we might start to document some of the recipes and tips we share with each other. We will take it in turns to write a blog a couple of times a month, and we hope that The Vicarage Table might go on tour and some of our other vicarage friends may provide a guest blog every now and then.

We also have a few other contributors… If you haven’t already done so, check out the St Paul’s Vicareggs page to meet the hens that live with Elise and provide eggs for the vicarage and the parish when there are some going spare.

Every meal is an opportunity to give thanks. We give thanks to God for the food that nourishes our bodies and for his spiritual nourishment in our lives. We also pray for those who are less fortunate than we are and who do not know where their next meal is coming from. On our Saying Grace page you can find some our favourite ways to say Grace before a meal, and our Links page provides websites with more information about food banks, soup kitchens and organisations which can help those who go hungry. You can also keep in touch with us through our contact page.

So, here we go. Let’s set the table and get stuck in.

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